Trust in Pest Science: Building Safe Communities through Science and Service

Pest Science has been in the pest control services industry for over 20 years, and throughout this journey, the company’s commitment to formulating tailor-made, science-based pest management solutions for our clients has set us apart in an ever-evolving landscape of challenges and opportunities. Along the way, Pest Science has nurtured trust and garnered recognition from […]

Pest Management Pro Tips: The Right Pest Control for Your Home

Have you ever found yourself relentlessly chasing a cockroach with your tsinelas or tallying up the expenses from countless mosquito coils in a desperate bid to rid your home of pests? Despite all efforts, it often feels like pests return with a vengeance, multiplying in numbers and persistence. In the Philippines, pests are often dismissed […]

Defending Against Termites with Pest Science

Termites, also known as anay in the Philippines, pose a serious threat to homes and businesses in the country. They are saboteurs who build their homes underground and thrive in soil-rich environments, but their reach can extend to areas inside your property. Their activities can cause extensive damage to a building’s foundation, walls, and floors, […]

Enduring Success: How Pest Science Revolutionized Pest Control in the Philippines

Pest Science has been in the pest control and management industry for over twenty years. Throughout this journey, our commitment to formulating bespoke, science-based solutions for our clients has set us apart in an ever-evolving landscape of challenges and opportunities. Though the path to our current position was not without obstacles, faith and unwavering persistence, […]

The Search for Top-Notch Pest Management

As a business owner, you have a lot to handle to ensure the smooth running of day-to-day operations, and the threat of a pest infestation may not be the first thing that comes to mind when opening your doors to customers. However, it’s crucial to understand that preventing an infestation before it occurs is always […]

The true cost of pest infestations

Imagine owning a highly successful restaurant that draws a bustling crowd from Monday to Friday and doubles its patrons on weekends. Through your hard work, the establishment has built a reputation within the community, with critics and food bloggers hailing it as one of the city’s finest dining experiences. But then, the unexpected occurs. One […]

How can pest control services elevate your business?

When your business needs pest control, where should you start?  Anay, ipis, daga: Filipinos know these pests all too well. With them being a normal occurrence almost everywhere, we,  too, should normalize having professional pest control services regularly inspect our establishments if they are under threat. What pest control service is the best for your […]