How can pest control services elevate your business?

When your business needs pest control, where should you start? 

Anay, ipis, daga: Filipinos know these pests all too well. With them being a normal occurrence almost everywhere, we, 

too, should normalize having professional pest control services regularly inspect our establishments if they are under threat.

What pest control service is the best for your business? 

Hotels, for instance, are required to be pest-controlled spaces by law, and among the litany of challenges that this industry faces, bed bug problems is probably one of the toughest. These pests are now genetically resistant to pesticides and are increasingly becoming immune to commercially sold pesticides – which is why you should opt for proven pest control solutions, such as those provided by Pest Science.

We provide a range of proactive solutions, such as guest room inspections aimed at nipping problems in the bud and comprehensive treatments designed to handle bed bugs at all life stages. To address prevalent pest issues such as cockroaches and mosquitoes, our approach involves employing misting, spraying and gel baiting in areas of the establishment where these pests are most likely to breed. It’s a quick and effective solution that keeps pests at bay without sacrificing the comfort of your guests.

However, pest control isn’t limited to hotels. Consider the scenario of condominiums and townhouses – even if your building is brand new, it can still be under threat from termites that can compromise its structural integrity.

Pest Science offers pre-construction termite treatments that prevent pest problems before they even start. Among our arsenal of strategies, wood drenching, and injection are highly effective methods to prevent termite infestations before they even manifest. We also employ non-toxic interception and baiting systems that ensure an eco-friendly approach to preventing termites from molting. But our dedication to safety doesn’t end there. When it comes to homes, we adopt an even more secure approach to termite management. 

But what about those not involved in the housing business, such as operators of large-scale food processing plants?

Because of the rapid production rate in modern processing facilities, it’s easy for operation managers to overlook the rats, ants, and flies that creep within the production line.

The best chance of staying pest-controlled is a routine facility inspection and checkup. When it comes making sure your facility is at its best, go for our 100% free survey and consultation.

Pest Science knows that innovative approaches are crucial for effective mitigation and management. In the context of manufacturing companies, particularly in the food-processing sector, we highly recommend our fumigation services, which provide a safe and reliable means of pest management. But if you want to go above the regulation standards, consider looking at integrated pest management. This holistic approach enables the early detection of pest infestations, determines the proper dispersion of pesticides, and minimizes the disruption of your day-to-day operations.

You might find it daunting as a business owner to hire pest control services because it gives the impression that your establishment is crawling with pests. But that shouldn’t be the case; it’s a testament to your commitment to customers, stakeholders, and employees’ well-being. As a business owner, it showcases your dedication to maintaining a clean, comfortable environment, a quality that deserves commendation rather than shame.

Who do we call?

If you’re a business owner willing to go the extra mile for the health and safety of your stakeholders, this may be the sign for you to give Pest Science Corporation a call. Pest Science employs science-backed integrated pest management that is both eco-friendly and non-toxic. The company is the first and only ISO-IMS certified pest control company in the country and blends science and service to cater to the needs of its clients across different industries.

For inquiries, free surveys, and demonstrations, you may reach Pest Science at or call (02) 8869-0926.