Our Mission

Be able to bring both science and service together in a dynamic field of Pest Management.

Be able to serve a larger market particularly in areas where demand of pest control services is high using its bio-rational method.

Be able to promote and disseminate information to the public about Integrated Pest Management (IPM) – the company’s proven and greener approach.

Our Vision

To be the TOP pest control service provider in the country providing high quality of services together with its latest technology in the field of pest management

To provide customers with the option of a company that will not compromise quality under any circumstances; where service is polite and personal; where the latest technology and research are applied.

To meet and exceed the needs of those who depend on having the highest standards for pest management.

Our Company Policy

Pest Science Corporation is committed to provide the highest quality of service towards customer satisfaction and to conduct activities responsibly with due consideration of all environmental, occupational health and safety issues.